Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats is a tool for cheating in COD MW3. So if you are here, you probably know what game MW3 is, so I don’t need to explain it. I will tell you more about this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheat Tool. First of all, it’s probably the best Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hacks available on the internet. The first thing that you can see is that this is very user-friendly and easy to use tool. So you don’t need to know anything about coding, because this tool will do all for you. It’s very fast so in just a couple of minutes you will have all hacks enabled in MW3. This tool works perfectly for single player and multiplayer. If you want to use Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats in multiplayer, you need to check proxy and safe mode option. These options are for safety, so your account can’t get banned.

These options make this COD MW3 Cheats undetectable. As you can see, this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats contains 8 different hacks and cheats so it’s multihack tool. It has all popular cheats and hacks for MW3. We are most proud to tell you that this tool works for PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox360 and Wii. So you don’t need to get different Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hacks for different consoles, you can use this one for any console. We are also updating this tool 4 times per day, so it can’t get patched. We have on this website Black Ops 2 Hacks check that if you are playing new versions of COD as well. So this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats is free to download and you can get it on our website. Below you can find download button and instructions.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hacks Features

  • Aimbot
  • Wall Hack
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • God Mod
  • Rapid Fire Mod
  • Speed Hack
  • Super Jump
  • No Recoil

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats Details

  • Working on windows vista, 7, 8, 10 and macintosh (mac)
  • Works for Xbox360, PS3 And Wii
  • It’s undetectable
  • Use proxy option
  • Safe Mode Option
  • Works For Single Player and Multiplayer
  • Updated every 6 hours
  • Completely free

How To Use Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hack Tool

  • Open the program
  • Enter your profile ID
  • Select Fast Mode or Safe Mode (we recommend safe mode)
  • Check Use Proxy Option
  • Select the hacks, mods and cheats that you want to activate
  • Click On Add
  • Enjoy  Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats

Download coming as soon as we finish beta testing. In the meantime check some other articles on our website.

CoD: World At War Cheats

Welcome to our newest hack tool – Call Of Duty World At War Cheats. As you can see from the picture above, it’s a little more complex than some other hacks and cheats that we made. We wanted this to be perfect because since we put our new option for you to request new hacks we received almost 700 requests for this COD World At War Hack. So let’s begin.

COD World At War Multi Hack

COD World At War Cheats: Connect Tab

In this first tab you need to enter your ID or Gametag, chose console (PS3, Xbox 360 or PC), check use proxy option select mode (safe or fast) and then click on connect button. When you do that this Call Of Duty World at War Hacks Tool will automatically connect to the main game server, and then you are good to go on the next tabs. Don’t forget to check use proxy option, because that way you will be undetected. Also, we recommend you to use safe mode, for the same reason.

Call Of Duty World At War Prestige Hack

This is the second tab of our call of duty world at war cheats. With this, you can hack rank and prestige level in the game. And as you can see it’s very easy to use. Just select the rank you want to be (1-60) and then select the prestige (1-10). When you have done that click on patch profile button and wait a few minutes. Then you will get the message that everything is successful and that your world at war profile is patched. As simple as that. Below you can see a picture of successfully hacked prestige.

Cheats And Hacks Tab

Now comes the best part and best 2 tabs – Hacks and Cheats tab. As you can see on the picture above these are the available hacks for world at war. We have 9 different hacks (Aimbot, Wallhack, Super Jump, Unlimited Ammo, God Mod, Ne Reload, Invisible Mod and No Spread). So you can also call this tool World At War Multihack. You just need to select what hacks you want to activate and click on “add hacks” button. That’s it you will have all hacks activated in no time. The next tab is cheats tab. You can see it below.

This tab is similar to hacks and also have nine different cheats for COD World At War. It has Super Speed (Speed Hack), Low Gravity, Teleport, Radar Hack, ESP, Exploding Gun Shots, Auto Shoot, No Recoil And Unlimited Health. And it can be used in the same way. First you need to select desired cheats (you can select all if you want), and then just click on “Add Cheats”. Wait and then you will see message that says “Cheats Successfully Added” and that’s it. You will have all desired cheats activated in World Of War. Below you can see how it looks like when you successfully used Call Of Duty World At War Cheats.

World At War Cheats Unlock Tab

This is the last tab of our Call Of Duty World At War Cheats Tool. It’s called unlock tab, and with this, you can unlock instantly a lot of features and things in COD. As you can see it has nine different unlocks. You can unlock All Weapons, All Pro Perks, All Titles, 2D Radar hack, All Emblems, Golden Clan Tag, All Challenges, All Achievements and All Camos. Just select things that you want to unlock in this game and click on Unlock button. Wait a few seconds/minutes, and that’s it. The msg will pop up that says “Successfully Unlocked”. I hope you will enjoy in our Call Of Duty World At War Cheats and Hacks. Download link and some other instructions are below. Also, we want you to know that on this website you can find hacks and cheats for almost all Call of Duty games. Most popular is Black Ops 2 Hacks.

COD World At War Cheats Details

  • Working on windows vista, 7, 8, 10 and Macintosh (mac)
  • Working On Xbox 360 and PS3
  • It’s undetectable
  • Use proxy option
  • Safe Mode Option
  • Updated every 6 hours
  • Completely free

Will be available in a few weeks after we finish beta testing…

Fifa 18 Cheats Hack Tool


Fifa 18 Cheats tool

This is the newest edition of Fifa 18 Multihack tool, following the new game release in September 2017. This multihack tool consisting of dozen different hacks and cheats for this game, including free FIFA coins generator, free FIFA points generator and a dozen of game cheats which are used during matches. For several years now our team makes Hacks and cheats for world’s most famous football simulation game. Fifa franchise is most successful football game in the world for several years in a row, and that is for sure.

There are numerous reasons for this, but we leave it to the players to decide why they like this game so much. The important thing is that, after only a week after official release for new Fifa 18, our team managed to make and release the most complex cheats tool on the net made specifically for this game. In fact, we already managed to add few updates as well, following the updates to the game, especially those which fix most important security features. However, we managed to bypass all of these security measures and our tool is 100% working and 100% safe!

Welcome to new edition of Fifa 18 Cheats tool! Our tool has four different sections, or tabs, each dedicated to a specific part of the game. We will describe each of them in short, but don’t worry. Very soon we will provide detailed description and instructions for every tab of our powerful Fifa 18 Hack tool!

Connect Tab

Connect tab is the heart of our tool. The most important hacks are in fact activated from this tab, and these hacking procedures are used to connect hack tool with the game server before applying various cheats and hacks implemented in our program. That is the reason why Connect tab is so important and why it must be always activated.

Use of connect tab is very simple, all you have to do is choose your gaming platform, enter your game ID and press Connect button. Offered choices include PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and PC windows. There are two more options in Connect Tab, and they are named Use proxy and Safe mode (unlike the fast mode which is the default mode of connection). Both will be described in details in the separate article about Connect tab.

Fifa 18 Coin Generator

As you already know, Fifa points are so far best resource in the game, used for virtually every feature this game has to offer. It is used for buying Fifa packs, which are source of new players, consumables and many upgrades. It is also used for buying the things from auction. Most players use only auction to buy new players for FIFA ultimate team mode.

In fact, we expect this tab to be most used one, simply because FIFA 18 ultimate team mode is most used game feature, and probably most important multiplayer part of the game available to players. And we all know that Fifa ultimate team mode is all about good team, consisting of very good players. If you are lucky enough to get some legendary player, even better! And this is the moment when Fifa 18 Hack tool comes to your aid, with the use of Coins generator tab. Using this tab you can add 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k or maximum of 800.000 coins in only one use of Fifa 15 Cheats tool!

Simply choose the amount of coins to add to your gaming account and press “Add coins” button. As for the previous tab, you must wait until the progress bar fills up before closing the tool or opening some other tab.

Free Points Generator

Fifa points are special points, purchased also with real money, or gained through other meanings. One special feature of Fifa points is that they can be transferred from older game version to newest game.

This feature is also available in Fifa 18. But using this you can have as much Fifa points as you wish! They are used for buying Fifa packs mostly, but prices in Fifa points are lower than prices in Fifa coins. Using this tab you can add 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2500 or maximum of 5000 points to your gaming account. The procedure is the same as the procedure for using Coins generator tab, as are the precautions.

Fifa 18 Hacks Tool

This multihack hasn’t only the free coins and points cheats, but also some very useful hacks for use in game. They can be used in Single player but also in multiplayer, including Fifa ultimate mode. Be careful to activate additional safety precautions in case you want to use these hacks in multiplayer. Most of these hacks are used in game matches, like Super shot, Powerful Kick, Speed hack or Auto Aim.  God mod is also one of the hacks used in matches, but is simply too powerful to be used in multiplayer without risking of other player reporting you.

Another important hack from this tab is Wage budget Hack or reset game time. Unlock all is also powerful tab, and we will add the complete list of unlocked features in later texts. For the end, Premium unlock is most useful hack for use outside of actual matches. All these hacks will be described in detail later, for now we just want to introduce them to the players. Adding hacks is fairly simple, all you need to do is check the box next to the hack you wish to activate and press “Add hacks” button. This concludes short tour around the Fifa 18 Cheats tool!

Access to this tool is currently limited and will be available to the public within the next few weeks.

Brawl Stars APK – Download Beta Version

Brawl Stars Android APK Beta

It’s been a year since Supercell released a beta for Brawl Stars to iOS users in several countries, and there is still no official info whether they will release it globally and to Android users as well or not. Naturally, we (Android users) got pissed. Everytime same thing happens, every developer releases first beta for Apple users and neglect all Android lovers and phone owners in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Supercell, been playing their games for several years now and still playing Clash Royale every single day. Of course I want to try Brawl Stars, so I waited, and waited, and waited… But nothing happened after a year they still didn’t make any official statement about Brawl Stars for Android. If you don’t know what Brawl Stars is you should watch some of the youtube videos ASAP.

But basically, it’s a new PVP game published by Supercell (same guys who published Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans). They call it a real-time strategy game. Same as with CR and COC the in-game currency are gems, and the player with most gems at the end of each match wins. If you really didn’t heard about this game so far, I don’t want to spoil it too much, go ahead and watch some videos to learn more.

So I called a friend who owns an iPhone because I want to try this game to see if it’s worth it. He came over we had some fun and installed Brawl Stars (he’s not a mobile gamer so he didn’t even try it up until that point). I watched some youtube videos about new Supercell game but haven’t played it myself. And I have to tell you, my first reaction was “meh” but after just a few matches I changed my mind.

This game is awesome and I love it. Remember it’s still in beta, so I’m sure it will get even better, but we need to wait to see. How long? Who knows, maybe they decide never to go global with it, which in my opinion will be a shame. What can I tell you it’s a great game.

So what happens next? Well, I after a few days I called another friend, who is a coder, I have a lot of friends for a gamer I know :), and we decided to crack Brawl Stars and make it possible for Android users to install it. It didn’t go so well at first, it crashed a ton of times but after a while, we managed to get a working Brawl Stars APK. I emailed it to a small group of people and we did our own beta testing, and everything seems to be working as it should. Now I’m ready to offer it to you all.

How To Get Brawl Stars APK on Android

Well, as we mentioned above we managed to crack this game and compile a working Brawl Stars APK, please remember that this game is still in beta, and there are some bugs (it’s not our fault), but I think Brawl Stars is going to be huge if it goes global, which means you should start practicing now, I you want to compete with those Apple users who had this game for over a year now. Click the button below to download Brawl Stars APK for Android.

Download BS Android APK

Cheats for Boom Beach Review

How to use Boom Beach Cheats tool

When you start Boom Beach Cheats for the first time, you will notice the simple and user friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. We will provide detailed explanations about all options and features, so that any user can use it 100% efficiently and (more important) totally safely. After starting it, you should choose gaming platform for your version of the game. You can choose between Android and iOS devices. Your gaming device should be connected to the computer either through local internet connection or through USB cable. After that you can click on “Detect device” button and wait until program detects it and recognizes your game installment on it (you will see messages “Device detected” and “Game detected” showing up on screen). In case you connected your phone or tablet later or disconnected and connected it again, you need to press “Refresh” button to reset program settings before you click on “Detect device” again. Next step is choosing cheats to apply. We provide cheats for Diamonds, Coins and Wood as three most important resources in the game. You need to check empty box next to the name of resource you want to add, then enter the amount (offered values are between 1 and 999.999 for each of resources). You can add one, two, or all of the three resources at the same time.

Before starting hacking procedure, you should also check additional safety options in the bottom. First option is “Anti ban protection plug-in” and it is strongly recommended to turn on this option if you are user of any of the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). Android users are not affected by this option. Second option is “Use proxy” and it is strongly recommended to turn on this option if your local internet connection has additional security features.

More About Boom Beach

Boom Beach is construction strategy game with interesting twist. All the elements are there, constructing your base, recruiting the army, attacking other settlements, but with the twist. All the battles are carried out on the beaches and the whole game looks like invasion to Normandy when it starts. It is really interesting to watch and it is easy to understand why this game became so popular in such a short time. As for construction part of the game, it is a bit more complex than other games of this genre, with more resources to take care of and more complex strategy for constructing your own settlement and protects the headquarters and precious resources from attack. There are five resources in the game, of which there are 4 in-gamer resources and one premium resource, diamonds. As in other games, Diamonds are most important as they are used for instant finishing of construction and instant upgrades or instant recruitment of the troops. They can be bought with real money but thanks to Boom Beach Cheats you can get as many diamonds as you want, for free.

How To Download

If you want to download boom beach cheats tool, then you are at the right place. Below you can find download button and instructions.

Currently in beta. Download will be available soon, stay tuned.

World of Tanks Gold Hack – WOT Gold Generator

Wot Free Gold Generator

World of Tanks Gold Hack is cheat tool for WOT that generate free gold for the game. So you don’t need to pay for world of tanks gold ever again. You can simply use our world of tanks gold hack and get unlimited amounts of gold in WOT. Our World of tanks gold generator is the best out there.

First of all, you don’t need to enter your password, just the username and email. So your account will be completely safe. Second great thing is the speed of this wot gold hack. In just a few seconds (minutes) you will generate gold. You don’t need to know anything about coding, because this wot gold generator will do everything for you. It’s completely undetectable, so you can’t get banned for using this world of tanks gold hack. As you can see, it’s very easy to use and you just need a few steps and you will get your free wot gold. We also have world of tanks cheats tool so you can download that also, and be unbeatable. The best thing about this world of tanks gold hack and world of tanks cheats are that both works for PC, Xbox 360 and Mac. So if you are playing world of tanks with your xbox or with mac, you can also use these wot hacks. Selling gold for wot that you generated with our world of tanks gold generator is forbidden. So if you want unlimited gold for free download our world of tanks gold hack, the download link and the instructions are below.

World Of Tanks Multihack

Wot Multihack

Since a ton of you asked and requested we decided to add wot cheats tool as well. We packaged both tools and with just one download you will be able to get both tools. In the next update we will connect both tools into one ultimate multihack tool for wot.

About Hacks Tab

World of Tanks Multihack is a cheating tool that helps you play WoT. Our tool that includes few different hacks linked together in one powerful WoT Multihack. This tool includes several mods and hacks. Aiming Mod, trace mod, laser mod, sixth sense mod, double penetration, faster reload, double experience, and double silver.

This is one of the best wot cheats available on the internet for several reasons. First of all your account will be completely safe with our tool. We have use proxy option and some other security options, that makes this tool undetectable. You don’t need to worry about your account get suspended, because that can not happen with our tool.

World of Tanks Gold Hack Details:

  • Unlimited WoT gold Generator
  • Working on windows vista, 7, 8,  10 and macintosh (mac)
  • It’s undetectable
  • Use proxy option
  • Updated every 6 hours
  • Completely free

How to use World of Tanks Gold Generator:

  • Open the program
  • Add your email and username
  • Select desired amount of gold
  • Click On Generate
  • Enjoy  World of Tanks Gold Hack WOT Gold Generator
World of Tanks Gold Hack Download Instructions

Currently in final testing. Coming out soon, stay tuned!

Skype Account Hacker – How to Hack Skype Account

Skype Account Hacker – How to Hack Skype Account

Skype Account Hacker is the hack tool that helps you get someone’s skype password. So if you want to hack some skype account and get password, you can do it very simple with this skype account hacker. This is one of the best skype account password hacks available on the internet. First of all it’s very simple to use, and you don’t need too know anything about coding or hacking to use this tool. In order to get someone’s skype password you only need to know how to type with your keyboard.  As you can see from the picture above, all you need to hack someone’s skype profile is the victim’s skype name. When you enter skype name of the victim just click on hack profile and that’s it. You need to wait for a few seconds and in the password field you will get the victims skype password. Simple as that. So if you want to mess with your friends a little, or want to check up on your girlfriend/boyfriend you will find this skype account hacker very useful. Skype constantly updates their security, so all other skype account password hacks like this got patched very fast. But this skype account password hacker works almost 24/7. Our coders are checking this tool constantly and when they find out this hack got patched, they rewrite the code and update it. So it works again very soon. And also I want to tell you that it’s 100% virus free. You can use it while your antivirus software is enabled. All you need to do to get this free skype account hacker is to complete one short offer. So if you want this skype account password hack you can find download link, and instructions below.

Skype Account Hacker Details:

  • Unlimited Skype Account Password Hack
  • Working on windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Working on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
  • It’s undetectable
  • Use proxy option
  • Updated every 6 hours
  • Completely free

How to use Skype Account Password Hack:

  • Open the program
  • enter victim’s skype name
  • Click On Hack Profile
  • Enjoy icon smile Skype Credit Generator Free Skype Credits

Unfortunately this method is patched and currently our tool is down and doesn’t work! We will update this when we get more informations!

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack Tool Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Black Ops Multihack

Call of duty black ops 2 hack is tool for cheating in black ops 2. With this black ops 2 multihack tool you can cheat in multiplayer game undetected and play like a boss. This black ops 2 cheating tool is the best available on the internet. I will explain you why is that. First of all it’s very simple and easy to use. You don’t need to know anything about hacking or coding. You only need to set what you want to hack and which black ops 2 hacks you want to add. Chose the console (PS3, Xbox 360 or PC) and let this call of duty black ops 2 hack tool to work for you. It’s very fast, so in couple of seconds it will be finished (up to couple of minutes, depends of your internet connection speed). Then you will need to wait up to one hour for all cheats and hacks to be added on your account.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack Tool Details:

First of all as we said above this is the fastest black ops 2 multihack tool on the internet. And also maybe the easiest one.

Second thing is security. This tool connects to black ops 2 data servers thru security dedicated proxies and it can’t be detected. So you don’t need to worry that you may get caught cheating. Banned from the game or something like that. This can’t happen if you are using our tool.

Another great thing is that we don’t need your password, just the username. A lot of other call of duty black ops 2 multihack tools need you to enter your password. It’s very unsecure, and you may lose your account if you do that. Our tool need you to enter only your username. So you don’t have to worry about that. Your account can’t be steal. Our black ops 2 hack tool is completely virus free. So you can have your antivirus tool enabled during the downloading of this tool. And also during the using.

This is black ops 2 multihack, so it has a lot of features and hacks. All in one multihack tool. So you don’t need any other black ops 2 cheating tool, because you have everything you need right here. Our multihack tool contains unlimited ammo hack, super speed 10x mod, god mod, no gravity mod, exploding gun shots, invisible mod, flying mod, instant reload, aimbot, automatic shotgun, teleport, wall hack, and also unlockables for all weapons, all challenges, all lasers, all emblems, all camouflages, all killstreaks and all achievements. It also contains prestige hack and level hack. As I said all this features in only one black ops 2 multihack tool.

 This call of duty black ops 2 hack tool works with Xbox 360, PS3 and PS. And also for PC it’s working on all operation systems (Windows, Linux And Mac). So no matter which console are you using and prefer it will work. It’s completely free and unlimited. So you can use it as much as you want. There is no limit. All you have to do to download this great black ops 2 hack tool is to complete one short offer. We are using that to pay our coders so they can constantly upgrade old hack tools on this website, and also make new ones. This call of duty black ops 2 multihack tool is tested and updated four times per day. So it can never get patched. If you want to cheat in black ops 2 and get this multihack for free, download button and instructions are below.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hack Tool Features:

List of all black ops 2 hacks and modes:

-Unlimited Ammo
-Super Speed 10x
-God Mode
-No Gravity
-Exploding gun shots
-Be Invisible
-Flying mode
-Instant reload
-Aim Bot
-Automatic ShotGun
-Teleport Anywhere
-Wall Hack

List of all unlockables:

-All Weapons
-All Challenges
-All Lasers
-All Emblems
-All Camouflages
-All Killstreaks
-All Achievements

Black Ops 2 Multihack Details:

  • Working on windows xp, vista, 7, 8, linux and macintosh (mac)
  • Working on Xbox 360, PC, PS3
  • It’s undetectable
  • Use proxy option
  • Updated every 6 hours
  • Completely free

How to use black ops 2 hacks, mods and cheats:

  • Open the program
  • Select the console and enter your profile name
  • Select single player or multiplayer
  • Select the hacks, mods and cheats that you want to activate
  • Click On Apply Hack
  • Enjoy

Even in 2018 there this is the best tool for cheating in Black Ops.

Download link coming soon…. Stay tuned!

NBA 2k18 Cheats Trainer Tool – Free VC Generator

Best Way To Generate VC

NBA 2k18 Generator

We just published first NBA 2k18 Cheats tool that works smooth and amazing.We tested it, and it works perfectly. So if you want to get this premium tool just like, share or tweet our website. Thank you.

Also with this tool you will be able to get free VC coins for new NBA 2k18 game.

So this tool will be something like our fifa 18 cheats. It have VC Generator (Hack) that will generate you free VC coins (locker codes), and it also has some NBA 2k15 Cheats like every tool that you can find on This NBA 2k18 VC Hack, skill points hack and cheats tool works on all platforms (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC).

Read full post below.

How To Use NBA 2k18 Cheats Tool

Connect tab of the NBA 2k18 Cheats tool is the most important of all tabs even though there are no hacks in this tab. The reason is very simple: Connect tab has very specific purpose and that is to establish secured connection with official game server where every player has his own game account which keeps the game data required for all multiplayer modes of the game, and most of the single modes. Although there are some modes which doesn’t require connecting to the internet in order to play them, most of the game content is intended to be played in multiplayer. And for these purposes we had to make connect tab which specifically connects to the game server and makes secured connection. Only after secured connection is established, tool can apply any hack offered in other tabs. This is especially important for safe use of VC Generator and 2k18 Skill points generator. However, for normal NBA 2k18 VC Hack used in single player modes, you need don’t need secured connection and the whole hacking process is much simpler and faster, which will be explained when we discuss each tab separately. For now, let’s focus on learning how to use Connect tab properly. After you start NBA 2k18 Multihack for the first time, it will automatically be opened on connect tab. First option you see is the choice of gaming platform. As you can see, NBA 2k18 Cheats tool has installed support for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. We also have separate version of the tool for mobile version which will be presented separately. After choosing your gaming platform, you should enter your game username, or game ID. After that the most important part of the NBA 2k18 Cheats tool comes: activating additional security options. Depending on circumstances like your local internet connection, the game mode you wish to apply hacks to, the type of hacks you want to apply, you can choose different setups of security features. We will explain in detail every possible setup when we write about each tab separately, so there is no need for more explanation here. After finishing all settings, just click on “Connect” button and wait for connection to be established. You can see the remaining time on progress bar below. Wait for the message which says that connection is successfully established and then go on to other tabs.

NBA 2k18 VC Generator Hack

NBA 2k15 Free VC Generator Hack

By using this tab you can add free Virtual currency to your game account. It’s like NBA 2k18 Locker Code Generator (Hack). To add free VC you need to follow these steps. You need to use Connect tab first and connect to the game server. After that you can continue with 2k18 VC generator tab. As for this tab, using it is very simple and fast feat. All you have to do is choose desired amount of VC points to be added to your account. For easy managing, and also for security reasons, we have premade choices which you can choose. Don’t worry, you will get as many locker codes as you need, you can use NBA 2k18 generator as many times as you like. After you chosen the amount, just press “Add VC” button and wait for the progress bar to fully charge. When you see the message “Virtual currency added successfully” it is time to close NBA hack tab and move to other tabs. As for safety measures; VC generator tab is probably most important and delicate tab of this trainer. We suggest you take maximum care when using NBA 2k18 VC generator tab, activate safe mode during connection to the game server is obligatory. As for use proxy, it depends on country you live in, but just in case of some advanced security measures, it is better to always use VC hack tab with this option turned on. Finally, don’t worry if you don’t get all VC immediately. Because of the security checks when our tool is adding free VC to your account, this procedure can last up to 15 minutes, average is around 10 minutes. Don’t worry; you will get all free VC points you need, just be patient.

Skill Points Generator

Another important part of our tool is skill points hack tab. This hack tab is now even more important, seeing the fact that in new NBA game in My GM mode you can use only skill points. It is very easy to generate free skill points with this tool. It is used exactly the same as VC generator tab described previously. The only thing which is different is that you get to choose the amount of Skill points instead VC to add to the account. As for security measures, they are also the same for NBA 2k18 Skill points generator as for VC hack tab. That means that safe mode is absolutely necessary, and use proxy option is strongly advised, regardless of where you live. Unlike the VC points, NBA Skill points hack tab adds all points immediately, so there is no waiting like for adding VC.

NBA 2k18 Hacks Tool

Hacks tab is fourth and last tab of NBA Cheats tool. The most important thing is that it works for single player and multiplayer games. This tab has some additional game hacks which are used mostly during the matches or different game modes. As for hacks included in this tab, they can be divided by their use in matches or between matches. For example, hacks like super shot, speed hack, auto aim or god mod are all used to increase your performance during actual basketball matches. Reset game time also falls into this category. But these are not all hacks in 2k15 Cheats tool. There are also several hacks here for instant unlocking all features in the game (like modes, cosmetics, gear and so on) and for hacking other features in the game. All hacks from this tab can be used in single player mode as in multiplayer. However, when using the hacks tab it is very important to check the single player or multiplayer in upper section on the tab because using security measures depends on it. As for choosing hacks, it is really an easy task, all you need to do is checking the box next to the name of each feature you wish to apply. After selecting all the hacks you wish to unlock, just press “Add hacks” tab and wait for the progress bar to fully charge and message “Hacks successfully added” to appear on screen. Security options in this tab depend totally on the fact whether you want to apply hacks in single player or in multiplayer. In single player, no additional security measures in connect tab are necessary, so you can switch off the proxy option and start the tool with fast mode. It’s basically a NBA Trainer. For multiplayer we advise turning on Proxy option if you live in any of the countries listed in following text, and safe mode is also strongly advised.

Additional Security Settings In Hack Tool

There are two important features, which are installed for greater security and efficiency of the tool. These two options are Use proxy and Safe mode (not the fast mode which is set by default). We can say in short that Use proxy feature gives total protection for users with advanced local internet security measures, like those with new ICIP protocols used in USA, UK, Germany, Holland and France. For other countries, which use old internet protocols with local dynamic IP addresses, use proxy is not necessary. In fact, it can slow down the whole process and your PC as well. And therefore it is better to leave it turned off. As for difference between fast mode which is selected by default, and safe mode, its use depends mostly on type of hacks you wish to apply and mode of game where you wish to use them. As a rule of thumb, most multiplayer hacks need Safe mode in order to be applied, while all Single player hacks can be applied with Fast mode activated. This can also save you some time and energy because safe mode take nearly twice as much time to be applied compared to fast mode. At the end, sometimes you simply have to try each mode when applying hacks and see what suits you best. There is no danger that you will be discovered or your account banned if you try using it with other settings and not succeed. Only thing you need to do is change the settings and try again. Another important advice is that you always make at least 30 minutes break between two uses of generator tab. This is because adding free VC to your account takes around 15 minutes with this tool.

Direct link to this awesome tool will be available soon, exclusively on this website. So stay tuned!