Cheats For Battleheart Legacy – Free Gold 2018

battleheart legacy hack

How to use Battleheart Legacy Hack tool

If you follow advices from this article, you will have absolutely no problem using Battleheart Legacy Hack tool! This Hack tool is so simple and easy you will need only a few minutes to use it before you can continue with playing this excellent mobile game. The procedure is quite simple; first you should connect your gaming device to the computer. You can use USB cable and connect it directly, or just use WIFI and connect your phone or tablet to the same LAN your computer is connected to. After that, start Battleheart Legacy Cheats and choose the type of your gaming device from two offered choices. First one is iOS, and this one includes all Apple products, from older and newer generation iPhone, over iPod, to iPad. The second option is Android, which includes phones and tablets with this operating system. After designating your device, press “Connect” button and wait for Battleheart Legacy Hack tool to establish connection and find the game app with your personal data. You will notice the status changing to “Game: connected” after the whole process is completed. Next step is choosing desired hacks. To activate them just check the box next to the name of desired hack and enter amount of that resource. Maximum value you can enter is 999.999. Pay attention at the two additional options in this section, called “Proxy” and “Anti ban”. These two options are not hacks; instead they are additional safety features which will be described later in text.

Available hacks

Three hacks from Battleheart Legacy Hack tool are all you need to have to enjoy in this fantastic game, sequel of the original Battleheart game released 3 years ago. The first hack is the Gold hack, for getting unlimited gold which is main currency in the game, and is used for all purchases and training. The second hack is maybe even more important than the Gold hack because there are several ways to farm gold in the game, but no way to get easy Stat points, except if you want to use Battleheart Legacy Hack tool. Stat points hack can give you virtually endless amount of Stat points, so you can make any hero build you want! The last hack is Unlimited HP hack, which makes you invincible in any fight you commence in the game. With this hack, you can’t lose a fight! Combining these three hacks, you will have no problems to master this game and make any hero you want, with all the gear you want.

Additional options

“Proxy” and “Anti-ban” are two special options in Battleheart Legacy Hack tool. They are not activated after you start the tool, because using them can slow down the Battleheart Legacy Cheats considerably. But, in case you encounter any problem while using the tool, these two options can quickly solve it. “Proxy” option can be used as a precaution in countries with advanced internet security, like USA, Scandinavian countries or Western Europe. Anti-ban is used in case of any other problem appearing.

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