Cheats for Boom Beach Review

How to use Boom Beach Cheats tool

When you start Boom Beach Cheats for the first time, you will notice the simple and user friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. We will provide detailed explanations about all options and features, so that any user can use it 100% efficiently and (more important) totally safely. After starting it, you should choose gaming platform for your version of the game. You can choose between Android and iOS devices. Your gaming device should be connected to the computer either through local internet connection or through USB cable. After that you can click on “Detect device” button and wait until program detects it and recognizes your game installment on it (you will see messages “Device detected” and “Game detected” showing up on screen). In case you connected your phone or tablet later or disconnected and connected it again, you need to press “Refresh” button to reset program settings before you click on “Detect device” again. Next step is choosing cheats to apply. We provide cheats for Diamonds, Coins and Wood as three most important resources in the game. You need to check empty box next to the name of resource you want to add, then enter the amount (offered values are between 1 and 999.999 for each of resources). You can add one, two, or all of the three resources at the same time.

Before starting hacking procedure, you should also check additional safety options in the bottom. First option is “Anti ban protection plug-in” and it is strongly recommended to turn on this option if you are user of any of the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). Android users are not affected by this option. Second option is “Use proxy” and it is strongly recommended to turn on this option if your local internet connection has additional security features.

More About Boom Beach

Boom Beach is construction strategy game with interesting twist. All the elements are there, constructing your base, recruiting the army, attacking other settlements, but with the twist. All the battles are carried out on the beaches and the whole game looks like invasion to Normandy when it starts. It is really interesting to watch and it is easy to understand why this game became so popular in such a short time. As for construction part of the game, it is a bit more complex than other games of this genre, with more resources to take care of and more complex strategy for constructing your own settlement and protects the headquarters and precious resources from attack. There are five resources in the game, of which there are 4 in-gamer resources and one premium resource, diamonds. As in other games, Diamonds are most important as they are used for instant finishing of construction and instant upgrades or instant recruitment of the troops. They can be bought with real money but thanks to Boom Beach Cheats you can get as many diamonds as you want, for free.

How To Download

If you want to download boom beach cheats tool, then you are at the right place. Below you can find download button and instructions.

Currently in beta. Download will be available soon, stay tuned.

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