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Brawl Stars Android APK Beta

It’s been a year since Supercell released a beta for Brawl Stars to iOS users in several countries, and there is still no official info whether they will release it globally and to Android users as well or not. Naturally, we (Android users) got pissed. Everytime same thing happens, every developer releases first beta for Apple users and neglect all Android lovers and phone owners in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Supercell, been playing their games for several years now and still playing Clash Royale every single day. Of course I want to try Brawl Stars, so I waited, and waited, and waited… But nothing happened after a year they still didn’t make any official statement about Brawl Stars for Android. If you don’t know what Brawl Stars is you should watch some of the youtube videos ASAP.

But basically, it’s a new PVP game published by Supercell (same guys who published Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans). They call it a real-time strategy game. Same as with CR and COC the in-game currency are gems, and the player with most gems at the end of each match wins. If you really didn’t heard about this game so far, I don’t want to spoil it too much, go ahead and watch some videos to learn more.

So I called a friend who owns an iPhone because I want to try this game to see if it’s worth it. He came over we had some fun and installed Brawl Stars (he’s not a mobile gamer so he didn’t even try it up until that point). I watched some youtube videos about new Supercell game but haven’t played it myself. And I have to tell you, my first reaction was “meh” but after just a few matches I changed my mind.

This game is awesome and I love it. Remember it’s still in beta, so I’m sure it will get even better, but we need to wait to see. How long? Who knows, maybe they decide never to go global with it, which in my opinion will be a shame. What can I tell you it’s a great game.

So what happens next? Well, I after a few days I called another friend, who is a coder, I have a lot of friends for a gamer I know :), and we decided to crack Brawl Stars and make it possible for Android users to install it. It didn’t go so well at first, it crashed a ton of times but after a while, we managed to get a working Brawl Stars APK. I emailed it to a small group of people and we did our own beta testing, and everything seems to be working as it should. Now I’m ready to offer it to you all.

How To Get Brawl Stars APK on Android

Well, as we mentioned above we managed to crack this game and compile a working Brawl Stars APK, please remember that this game is still in beta, and there are some bugs (it’s not our fault), but I think Brawl Stars is going to be huge if it goes global, which means you should start practicing now, I you want to compete with those Apple users who had this game for over a year now. Click the button below to download Brawl Stars APK for Android.

Download BS Android APK

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