CoD: World At War Cheats

Welcome to our newest hack tool – Call Of Duty World At War Cheats. As you can see from the picture above, it’s a little more complex than some other hacks and cheats that we made. We wanted this to be perfect because since we put our new option for you to request new hacks we received almost 700 requests for this COD World At War Hack. So let’s begin.

COD World At War Multi Hack

COD World At War Cheats: Connect Tab

In this first tab you need to enter your ID or Gametag, chose console (PS3, Xbox 360 or PC), check use proxy option select mode (safe or fast) and then click on connect button. When you do that this Call Of Duty World at War Hacks Tool will automatically connect to the main game server, and then you are good to go on the next tabs. Don’t forget to check use proxy option, because that way you will be undetected. Also, we recommend you to use safe mode, for the same reason.

Call Of Duty World At War Prestige Hack

This is the second tab of our call of duty world at war cheats. With this, you can hack rank and prestige level in the game. And as you can see it’s very easy to use. Just select the rank you want to be (1-60) and then select the prestige (1-10). When you have done that click on patch profile button and wait a few minutes. Then you will get the message that everything is successful and that your world at war profile is patched. As simple as that. Below you can see a picture of successfully hacked prestige.

Cheats And Hacks Tab

Now comes the best part and best 2 tabs – Hacks and Cheats tab. As you can see on the picture above these are the available hacks for world at war. We have 9 different hacks (Aimbot, Wallhack, Super Jump, Unlimited Ammo, God Mod, Ne Reload, Invisible Mod and No Spread). So you can also call this tool World At War Multihack. You just need to select what hacks you want to activate and click on “add hacks” button. That’s it you will have all hacks activated in no time. The next tab is cheats tab. You can see it below.

This tab is similar to hacks and also have nine different cheats for COD World At War. It has Super Speed (Speed Hack), Low Gravity, Teleport, Radar Hack, ESP, Exploding Gun Shots, Auto Shoot, No Recoil And Unlimited Health. And it can be used in the same way. First you need to select desired cheats (you can select all if you want), and then just click on “Add Cheats”. Wait and then you will see message that says “Cheats Successfully Added” and that’s it. You will have all desired cheats activated in World Of War. Below you can see how it looks like when you successfully used Call Of Duty World At War Cheats.

World At War Cheats Unlock Tab

This is the last tab of our Call Of Duty World At War Cheats Tool. It’s called unlock tab, and with this, you can unlock instantly a lot of features and things in COD. As you can see it has nine different unlocks. You can unlock All Weapons, All Pro Perks, All Titles, 2D Radar hack, All Emblems, Golden Clan Tag, All Challenges, All Achievements and All Camos. Just select things that you want to unlock in this game and click on Unlock button. Wait a few seconds/minutes, and that’s it. The msg will pop up that says “Successfully Unlocked”. I hope you will enjoy in our Call Of Duty World At War Cheats and Hacks. Download link and some other instructions are below. Also, we want you to know that on this website you can find hacks and cheats for almost all Call of Duty games. Most popular is Black Ops 2 Hacks.

COD World At War Cheats Details

  • Working on windows vista, 7, 8, 10 and Macintosh (mac)
  • Working On Xbox 360 and PS3
  • It’s undetectable
  • Use proxy option
  • Safe Mode Option
  • Updated every 6 hours
  • Completely free

Will be available in a few weeks after we finish beta testing…

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