Castle Clash Hack Cheats Tool

How to use Castle Clash Hack

Castle Clash Hack Tool

Using Castle Clash Hack tool is actually pretty easy and simple job. After starting it, you need to choose which hack you would like to apply to your gaming account. To activate Mans, Gold or Gems hack, simply enter any amount in the empty field next to its name. You can enter any value in range between 1 and 9.999.999 units. You can also activate two additional hacks by checking the box next to their names. Next step is connecting Castle Clash Cheats tool with your mobile gaming device. To do that, simply click on the icon representing iOS or Android devices. Our tool will automatically recognize any device of chosen type if it is connected to the same local network as your computer. The connection can be established through WIFI or directly to the computer with the use of USB cable. You can also use additional Settings option for finer tuning and additional features. After your gaming device is recognized and details of gaming account identified, all you need to do is click on “Start” button. You can see the progress of Castle Clash Hack tool by looking indicator bar in the bottom of the window. Wait for the message “Hacks successfully applied” before you can close Castle Clash Hack tool and start the game. All hacks became available immediately. You should also use Update option after every major update of the game, because we regularly update our program too in that case. This is especially important after new security update or implementing new feature in game. If you have some additional questions you can always click on FAQ button, there you will probably find the answer since we provided Castle Clash Cheats tool with short introduction and detailed game walkthrough.

Available Castle Clash Hacks

Castle Clash Hack tool comes with 5 genuine hacks. All players expect resources hacks in the tool, and therefore Mana, Gold and (most important) Gems hacks are all included in this tool. All of them can be used however many times you want, and each time you can add up to 10 million units of that resource to your gaming account. However, we also added two new hacks in Castle Clash Hack tool which can greatly help to new players in this fantastic game. First Hack will unlock all Buildings and upgrades in game, up to their maximum number allowed. Second hack will unlock all Troops, normal and special alike. With unlimited resources at your disposal you can literally build fully upgraded base in less than a day!

How To Be Undetected While Using Cheats

Important options of Castle Clash Hack tool is “Use proxy”. This option is not activated by default, because it slows down the work of Castle Clash Cheats tool. But, it also increases its efficiency and is especially important to use in areas with advanced security measures in local internet traffic. In case you have troubles getting connected to the gaming account and applying hacks, you should activate “Use proxy” option and try again, it guarantees success.

Still in beta, coming out in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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