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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Finally, in collaboration with we added this clash of clans hack tool and with it you can get free gems. As you know if you are player of COC, you need a lot of gems in order to play like a pro. But they are expensive, and we wanted to make free gems for you. So if you decide to download this coc hack tool, you will never have to pay again for gems.  CoC is one of the most popular mobile game at this time, we tried to make cheats for it a long time ago, but we were unable. Then these guys made it, and we asked them if we can exclusively use it. They accepted it, so here we are. On the picture about you can see one of the tabs of this tool called clash of clans gem hack. And with it you can get clash of clans free gems. As you can see, it’s very easy to use, you just need to enter your username and select amount of free gems. Easy as that, but more on that later. If you are playing coc, then you should continue reading.

How To Get Clash Of Clans Free Gems

Clash Of Clans Free Gems Added

So first of you need to download this CoC Hack Tool, and then switch to gem hack tab. Then you should choose the amount of clash of clans free gems. You can choose and select from 500 to 14000. We recommend you to use 6500 max at once. Then if you need more, you can wait 24 hours, and do the same process again. The great thing is that you can use it unlimited number of times. So when you selected amount of coc free gems, then you need to enter your username. Select use proxy option, and chose safe mode. It’s important that you do that, for your safety. With this options, this coc gems hack is almost completely undetectable. Now just click add free gems and that’s it. You need to wait a few minutes because safe mode is slower than fast mode. And that’s it. The message will pop up that says that you successfully added free gems. I told you that it’s very easy.

Other Tabs of COC Hack Tool

As you can see this is a multihack tool, and with it you can do a lots of other things beside adding clash of clans free gems. All other tabs are as easy to use as gem hack tab. So let’s talk about connect tab first.

Connect Tab

Clash Of Clans Hack

So we are talking now about other tabs of this coc hack tool. Clash Of Clans Free Gems Adder is a separate tab, so that’s why you need to enter your username again. Because you can use gem hack without other tabs. But if you want to use other tabs you need to connect first. That’s the purpose of this connect tab.  So it’s very easy as you can see. It works for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android. First of all you need to select a device on which you are playing this game. First, connect device to your PC or Mac with USB. Then select your device once again you can select iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android. Then enter your username that you use in this game. Same as with clash of clans free gems adder you should select use proxy option and select safe mode. Then just click on connect button. Wait a few minutes and you are connected. When you do this you can use all other tabs except coc free gems adder without connecting again. Now let’s talk a little about other tabs available.

CoC Level Hack Tab

Clash Of Clans Level Hack

With this tab you can cheat and select level that you want (skip levels before it). So this basically works like an EXP changer. You can select levels up to 300 (the max). It’s simple to use, when you selected desired level just click on patch profile and that’s it. After a few minutes you are good to go. There is nothing else to say about this tab. If you want to read more about levels in COC and EXP you should check their wikia page here.

Clash Of Clans Gold And Elixir Hack Tabs

COC Gold Hack

This tab works same as level hack tab. You need to select amount of gold that you like to be added on you coc profile and click on add gold. In a few seconds you will see msg that pops up and says that your action was successful. And that’s it, as I said before very easy to use.

Elixir Hack

This one works the same way like two tabs before this. First, you need to select the desired amount of free elixir in the game that you want to get. When you’ve done that, click on add elixir button. The message will pop up that says your action was successful and that you got xxxxxxx amount of free elixir in the game. And that’s all. And now we came to the final tab and personally my favourite besides clash of clans free gems generator (Yes, I play clash of clans a little myself) COC Cheats Tab.

COC Cheats Tool

Clash Of Clans Cheats

With this tab you can add lots of different cheats in your coc account. They are very useful and it will help you a lot. You can become one of top players with this tab only, so you don’t have to use clash of clans free gems hack if you don’t want. So let’s start from begin. Of course, like other tabs, this one is also very easy to use. Just select cheats that you want to add and click on add cheats. There are nine different cheats available (Fast Building, Double DMG, Add Builder, One Week Shield, Town Hall Level Hack, Dark Elixir Hack, Trophies Adder, Max Storages and Instant Researchers). All these cheats are very useful and as I said before you can even be a top player with this only. If you want to avoid using hardcore cheats like clash of clans free gems then you should use this tab only.

That’s all we have to say about this tool. We are really hoping that you’ll like it and good luck with using it. If this helped you, please share it with your friend on fb, tweet it or whatever you like. Download button is below, and once again, enjoy. :)

Still in beta, coming soon.

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