Wartune Hall of Heroes Cheats Review

Wartune Hall Of Heroes Cheats

How To Use Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack Tool

The use of Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack tool is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow our advice. Start the program, and connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer. It is important to connect your gaming device to the computer so that tool can recognize it and identify your account data. You can use USB cable, Bluetooth connection or WIFI to establish a connection with your PC. While the computer recognizes your gaming device, choose the type of its operating system from our tool. Both Android and iOS operating systems are supported, our program has support for all game versions currently existing.  After that, you can choose cheats you wish to activate. There are two of them. For activating, check the box on the left of the name and enter the desired amount in empty text field on the right side. There are two additional options in this section which are not selected by default. They are “Use proxy” option and “Anti ban”. These two options should be used only under some circumstances. They will be covered in text later. Assuming you decided if you want to use them, you can click on “connect” button now. Connect button connects the Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack with your gaming device. Wait for the green bar to reach 100% and after that press “Start” button to start hacking process. There is another green bar in the bottom of the window which indicates the progress of our program. After it reaches 100% a message “game successfully hacked” will appear on the screen. Now you can close Cheats tool and go to the game. All gold and balance are added instantly to your account. If you want, you can use our tool every 30 minutes, but in that case, you should consider using additional options described later.

Cheats from the tool

Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack tool has cheat for Gold, main in-game currency. Maximum of 999.999 gold can be added to your account with every use of our tool. Second cheat is Balens cheat, for adding maximum of 999.999 balens. Balens are premium currency in game, used for buying many premium items and equipment and unlocking some extra features. They are more important than gold, because there is almost no way to earn them in game. Only way to get them is using real cash, or using Wartune Hall of Heroes Cheats tool.

Additional options

“Use proxy” and “Anti ban” are two additional options in the Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack tool. Anti ban is additional security option which should be used in two cases. The first case is when you connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer through some public network which is not secured. The second case is if you are using the last generation of iPhone.  “Use proxy” should be used if you want to use Wartune Hall of Heroes Hack tool several times without any pause between uses.

Coming soon, still in beta, stay tuned.

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